A Mauritanian agency at your service

A team of professionnal and experienced guides and staff

Seck Dendou Boulkeir

Seck is a professionnal and experienced guide. Founder of Atar Voyages, he is in charge of the organisation and the logistics of the tours. He speaks perfect French and is a francophile.
Seck began in the tourism sector at a young age. Some of us may remember him as the the owner and manager of the "Fnac de Chinguitti", where he used to sell local art craft and enticing books about Mauritania and the Sahara.



Saleck "Xav" ,  Cheikhna and Mad

Three of the best guides and drivers in the Adrar. Their experience,  their expertise and their knowledge of the land enable them to negociate the most difficult dunes and always find their way through delicate passages and situations. Cheikhna is a mechanic by trade. He is a genius when it comes to fix mechanical incidents when stranded in the desert. Beside, he was Théodore Monod' s cook for many years. For sure he has a lot to tell about his adventures with this great explorer and scientist, who was passionate about the Mauritanian desert.



Cheikh Lweli , Mostafa, Bole and Mounir

Four experienced cooks who have a perfect knowledge of local dishes. They apply strict hygienic rules when preparing food. They know how to spoil their guests with delicious regional meals and you will be surprised by the quality of the meals  they elaborate in the  middle of the Sahara. You will relinquish their food but also their scrumptious local stories.



Louane, Camel herder leader

He is a passionate camel herder . He loves his camels and tend to them very affectionately and professionally. He is also a gardener which enables him to provide his family with the basics. Even though he is not a fluent French speaker, you will be charmed by this happy and optimistic character. He may also show you how to hut and ride a camel and teach you a few words of our local language, the Hassanya language (close to Arabic and Berber).



Boah and Lrahl

They are Seck's young brothers. They are being trained as professionnal guides.  No one makes tea like Boah! Both will take good care of you and will charm you with their kindness.




Depending on the size of the groups, on the languages spoken by our travelllers, and the availability of our staff, the teams may vary. Different drivers, camel herders, cooks and guides may join our team. They are all well trained and experienced in the tourism sector.