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Mauritanian touring agency

Atar Voyages is a well-known local and family-run Mauritanian touring and travel agency.


For your safety and peace of mind, the agency is officially registered in the Mauritanian Chamber of Trade and Industry and recognised by the Ministry of Tourism. It regularly takes part to official national and international events.

Our agency boasts more than 20 years experience in the sector.


Our local team endeavours to offer you the best Saharan and African adventures at your own rythm, whether it is in the comfort of a 4X4 vehicle,  at the pace of the camels (treks and camelback rides) or a mix of both.


You can choose to travel on your own or form your own group. You can also be included in a group. You can build your own trip but we can also offer ready-made tours.


Many companies and NGOs trust us for their professional and humanitarian trips (Les enfants du Désert...).

We also take charge of the logistics for many raids and rallyes (Alain Gestin Organisation for the 1200km running race in 2022, motorbike tours, OAAO France (quad 2021) ...


As soon as you reach Mauritania (by plane or by road), we are in charge. You don't need to worry about anything. So, do not hesitate! and book your trip with us for an unforgettable experience.


We can also organise rentals for all types of transportation in the country, with or without drivers.


Discover Mauritania in West Africa

Carte de la Mauritanie

In West-Africa, Mauritania is known for the rich variety of its landscapes, cultures and languages.

In this vast country, the impressive Saharan landscapes in the north give way to the more fertile Sahel plains to the south.   Nomadic herders dressed in blue,  roam the northern territorry with their herds of camels and goats whereas farmers, mostly crop growers,  in their colourful "boubous" inhabit the south of the country.


So, you get it, Mauritania is not only an adventure that will lead you through the sand dunes of the somptuous and noble Sahara  desert.  You can also discover the Sahel region of the Senegal river  and the Diawling National Park where you will spot a rich African flora and fauna.

The country also boasts a 800km-long eastern coast along the Atlantic ocean where the golden sand dunes join the ocean offering breathtaking views, and ideal bathing and fishing spots where you will only encounter baby crabs on its secluded beaches. You will marvel at the views of the rich bird and sea fauna in the Banc d'Arguin National Reserve. You will also get to know the local fishing tribe 'the Imragens' who have been practicing subsistence fishing with the help of dolphins for centuries.

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                                                  From Morocco to Mauritania October 2021

                                   Tours conceived and realised by Atar Voyages team

Landmarks and interesting facts about Mauritania

Historical landmarks

Chinguitti Mosque
Chinguitti Mosque

Hospitality in the Sahara

Sahara nomads
Sahara nomads

Architecture and habitat

The khaïma - Traditional tent of the nomads
The khaïma - Traditional tent of the nomads

Fauna and flora

Crocodile in Mauritania
Crocodile in Mauritania

The desert and its inhabitants will make a strong impression on you, you will for sure feel it. Anyone who has seen the Sahara will forge its own opinion on this sandy sea.

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Our services

You can choose between our large offer of tours throughout the country,  that will enable you to discover the rich variety of Mauritanian landscapes. You can also decide to give your holiday a more sportive twist since we also organise 4X4 and motorbike raids in the large Sahara!

Just chill out and enjoy!  and let us take charge of everything for you.

We also give you the opportunity to tailor your own tour.  We know the geography, architecture and history of our country at perfection and thus we can expertly advise you according to your wishes and tastes.

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Our team

Our team is entirely Mauritanian and is only composed of  experienced staff in the tourism sector.

Thanks to our expertise and our knowledge of the land, you will feel and be safe throughout your Saharan adventure while being immersed in our nomadic Saharan culture and traditions.

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About us

The tourism agency Atar Voyages has been officially registered and listed among the trusted agencies in the Mauritanian Ministry of Tourism since 2012. It is recognised for the quality of its services in Mauritania by the Ministry of trade (ebiz Guide since 2021, Petit Futé 2023). The agency offers you all the official warranties for a safe and secure trip (insurances...)

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